Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boxing Day

Our first scan will be at 6w5d, which is my mental cut off point for a heartbeat. It's a pretty definitive spot. I chose the 26th because it meant I could get through Christmas and then, if Elf isn't in the game, everything should be resolving (or resolved) before New Year's.

Despite having a normal, quiet Christmas planned, the MIL tries to extend some drama our way. If you listened to her, you would imagine that she's been in and out of hospitals and run ragged, healthwise. Reality is that her husband had stints put in, when she expected him to have bypass surgery, and was in the hospital 2 days and follow up appointments (for him) are within a 5 minute drive from their house. The hardship comes from not having someone to DO stuff for her. Putting up the Christmas tree, decorating, oh it is all too much in her world. Wah. Wah.

The Mr. firmly invited to stay with us for Christmas. She spewed venom about the weather before backtracking to say how gracious the offer was, but that she would be alone this Christmas. All. Alone.

MIL also fired up the Clueless' with some gift-giving antics. All of which makes me pleased to sit in our snowy, slushy, god-awful East Coast weather, by a comfy fire and sweet smelling tree. But then Mrs. Clueless lets it slip that they are "going to be trying."

It seems that in one month she will have morning sickness and that will be a great excuse to skip a trip to see the MIL in Palm Springs. All of which, of course, I hope comes true. That a 36-year-old (soon to be 37) can plan to get pregnant when it is convenient and then actually have a baby in 9 months? Someone has to feed the dream.

It makes all kinds of sense for us to lose body parts in pursuit of #2 whilst the in-laws decide in one month to make a go and pass us up. That said, as doomed as things may be, my wee dream right now is to just have Elf make it and let us stand behind their (almost certainly inevitable) very public pregnancy, deep in the shadows, where happy Misfits belong.


  1. I like the temporal situation of ultrasound #1 (notice my optimism). Well played.I'm pulling for a strong boxing day beat.

    And Oh! the joys of family during the Holidays. Glad you'll be having yourselves a merry little Christmas in the snow. There is little sun on this coast and it is also scarce in your mother in law, apparently. Enjoy that.

    Always chuckling when the clueless clan is mentioned. Reason 109 008 339 of why I want Elf to live is to one up the clueless'

  2. Sorry your in-laws are such a pain in the butt. It seems like some things never change.

    I am so thrilled little Elf is on his/her way. You go girl! I am also admiring your guts to juggle two. I feel like my hands are full with just one these days.

  3. May you get everything on your very reasonable wish list. Rooting hard for your tiny Elf!


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