Saturday, January 4, 2014

Geez, now what? (Also my 4 Year Bloggoversary!)

4 years ago tomorrow is the anniversary of Misfit's musings. How time flew.


I haven't scheduled my follow up scan. I know. WTF? Right.

Two days after the last scan, E caught a stomach bug. And being blessed with the girl who never vomits, it was harder for us to cope. Sips of water, 24 hours clear of spewing led to a long night of sheet changing and baths. When you are digging through the laundry pile for the dirty sheet that is now the cleanest sheet by virtue of elinination, you feel a little low parenting-wise.

And then the Mr. got it. We rang in 2014 staying up all night, with one of us puking, which for the record has happened before, but never without being fueled by some poorly thought out alcohol choices. Yes, I want long island ice teas all night, are you gonna argue with me (Mrs. circa 2004)?

It also happened to be our 14th anniversary. And weirdly, depite the somewhat dismal circumstances, seeing us all together as a family still made it that much more sweet. Sad, yes. Sweet, still.

And then some post-playground toddler limping turned to "fracture" panic ensued before the HUGE snowstorm of doom, whereby we visit life in the arctic tundra for a minute. E is fine. She was limping for a few days, but there turned out to be no broken bones.

I am starting to feel like a country song at this point. The Mr. procrastinated on ordering oil. Perfect timing for us to be on fumes just as we hit the lowest temps of the season. Brrr. I may or may not have threatened to pull a tire off our car and start a hobo fire if the oil truck didn't arrive soon. At the very end of my patience with living in a 50 degree house, the rig arrived. Thank Jeebus.

And then the landlord emailed us to let us know he was raising our rent for the 2nd time in 2 years.

There are wonderful things about this house. Wonderful. But, for the price of a $700K mortgage (I exaggerate slightly), I would like a dishwasher that takes less than 3 hours to cycle, to walk less than 6 paces between the sink and the stove (and or fridge), to have a fridge door that isn't impeded by a radiator pipe from opening more than 2/3 of the way, a second floor with two massive gaps in the flooring (we have covered with rugs) that will eat a toddler foot (subfloor is not hardwood, dear landlord), a heat system that doesn't leak water in any rooms (we have 2 with rusty rivulets), a master bath that has working shower (our DIY landlord set the sprinkler 4 inches too high and the water shoots out above the curtain and is effectively unusable!) and an electric socket that doesn't short out in the nursery 2 feet from E's crib. And now, after paying to have it inspected myself, THE FIREPLACE is considered unfit for burning.

Effectively all the charm of living in a place a little poorly remodeled with all the funky charm of a house that's 140 years old. For us, having the charm helped us gloss over the other stuff, as infuriating as it might be to look at every day. (Bonk. You couldn't move the GD fridge 4 inchest to the right to avoid this GD PIPE HERE! )

We were at the top of our range for a nice rental when we moved here. We need to buy. We like having savings. Buying in Philly is tough as you are likely to send your kid to private schools. Moving to far into the burbs has a crushing weight of its own that we are not ready to deal with. And to make it all just awesome, knowing whether we will need to account for two kids matters. We are just not ready to make long term plans.

But, I do know that I can't abide spending even $50 more a month for a house where I fix shit constantly. The bathroom shower seal was done with the wrong kind of sealant and left puddles (ripped out and replaced). The master bath toilet leaked constantly (the landlord told us he needed a part and that he just turned off the water source when it wasn't being used) that was just a faulty flap (fixed first). All of our second floor door handles have fucking FALLEN off at some point in the last two years. I shit you not. They were installed poorly. Like much of the other work around the house. Not to mention that E's nursery door doesn't latch because the door knob doesn't have any latching mechanism. We have a baby gate, but the idea that she can just pull to open her door, freaks me out just a bit.

On the plus side, we do know that we will be moving in the next 6 months. Frustrating to not have a plan, but nice to think that we might find something nicer (and cheaper) than where we are now. We've also got lots of stuff to get rid of. Stuff that made the move that shouldn't have. It will be awesome to pare down and start fresh. I'm not one for resolutions, but less stuff in 2014 would be awesome.

Oh and that scan, I'll aim for Wednesday or Thursday and keep you posted. No symptoms to really speak of and lots of worry that Elf has taken a dive already. But, I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and that's not a common spot for even me. I'm grateful for even that amidst all this other drama.

PS. SIL Clueless let me know that they didn't manage to get pregnant THIS first month of trying. At least there's that less drama in Misfit-land.


  1. Your landlord needs to find a pile of burning dog shit on his doorstep. What an f-er for raising rent on a house he does the bare minimum on, if that. Glad that you guys survived the near year, if barely, and happy 14th. Wishing you sooo many good things this year and a long streak of good luck and fortune :o) hope the snow storm wasn't too painful. Is it crazy to say that I miss cold weather and snow??

  2. Happy blogoversary and 14th wedding anniversary! And happy new year, glad that you survived it. Sorry about the crappy landlord. Hopefully it will be all for the best and you'll get a better place for less money!

    Good luck on your scan. :)

  3. FOURTEEN YEARS??? I guess we're coming up on 10 together, but it still seems impossible that anyone my age could have been married for that long. Congratulations! I hope year 15 sees you unable to do anything to celebrate because you have a newborn...

    Oh wow, I wish I could murder your landlord. It seems like you have gotten an unfair load of crap since moving east, what with the Bad Nannies and the Crap Landlord. You at least deserve another happy baby. Hoping with everything I've got for good news this week.

  4. We are in stomach virus territory ourselves, and so I feel particularly sympathetic to your plight, as I wipe up baby barf from my clothes at the moment. I'm glad that you managed not to get it, or have you managed to avoid it?

    Congrats on 4 years blogging, and Wow! 14 years together. That's amazing! Although I wish you could have had a bit more of a celebratory evening of it, rather than doing laundry. Still, it sounds like the togetherness was ample celebration. You three are such a sweet family. I sure hope elf is coming to make it a sweet family of four.


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