Sunday, March 30, 2014


Yes, our Elf is in fact Elfina. A sister for E. The scan went well. There was a few stressful minutes when the tech had trouble getting heart pictures. The MFM doc who reviewed our scan told us everything was on track and normal.

Being older means more monitoring. Mores scans ahead and the usual Non-stress tests. I find the care reassuring, even if I may complain about how big of a hassle it is to drive to appointments twice a week.

The majority if immediate family finally knows. The Mr. told his mom. I did try to sway him, to no avail.

My work does not know. I don't gave much of a plan to tell them. I can't figure out what I'll be doing with that just yet.

We have about six weeks to find a house we can buy. I have a cold that has me in the ER. (Coughing has turned into something frightful that I can't endure until my doctor is available on Monday.)

I promise more soon. The family response was, interesting. E is such a big girl these days. Singing, laughing, throwing tremendous tantrums, and just a gift overall. Her hair continues to not really grow in. I entertain myself with the idea of one day getting to do cute braids and curls. Most attempts at doing her hair are thwarted by a quick undoing by the little miss. You'll enjoy my handiwork in the meantime.


  1. Wonderful news!! Oh, I am so so thrilled!!!! May she be just as punk-rock as her big sister ;)

  2. So happy! Love the picture!

  3. E looks adorable! And I'm so happy everything is looking good with Elfina!

  4. I hope you are feeling so much better than when you wrote this. I hate that you had to go to the ER for this, and I hope you received good care.
    Too bad the MIL couldn't be told upon Elfina's delivery. I would have enjoyed the account of her stunned words. But that's a little bit cruel of me.
    Oh sweet E! She is hilarious with her spikes. Ready for a punk concert. I just love this girl.

  5. Yay for SEEEESTERS! Hope you are feeling better (and far from the ER) very soon - and good luck with the house hunt. Stressful, to say the least I'm sure. I love E's hairdo! Ikes is sort of coming in the same way (not so much at all) - it's just barely started to graze his ears, with the only length being in the very back, pretty much as a rat-tail (I KNOW). It is so ridiculous, but then it curls a bit when the air's not so terribly dry, which I love and makes me very loathe to cut it off!

  6. HURRAH for a girl child! But oh dear, the ER is not the place for you! So sorry. (OMG WINTER STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! GO AWAY!)

    Your in laws are good for hilarity. I wish they were also good for helpfulness and kindness, but hey.

    Oh, E, that HAIR! I'm amazed she sat still for that. Bun Bun won't even let me get to the putting in phase, let alone the taking out phase... Love love love her do.

  7. I was wrong and I don't care! A girl baby for you, nay, two girl babies for you! Yay :)
    I lerv E's hair, tLG had hair like that til he was three. Heehee.

  8. Loving that hairdo. Congrats on another girl. Two girls is absolutely awesome and I'm sure E will be he bestest of sisters. Hope you are feeling 100% by now! Xo.

  9. Elfina. A girl. This is amazing!!! I have been an awful commenter but I've never stopped reading and you are without a doubt my hero. F U advanced maternal age and RPL! F U one ovary! I am just so incredibly happy for you!

  10. Yeah!!!! So glad you are expecting a new little one, really expecting for real. So happy for you guys!