Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unrelated to anything else

Almost everyone knows about Elfina as of today. I gave up on waiting to see about my review and potential promotion. I have a pile of projects that need doing by August and if I need to also train a replacement, well, it will mean a lot of extra work.

I had this totally unexpected reaction to telling the family. It wasn't the actually telling of the family as much as my Clueless in-laws deciding to say that they could tell I had a baby bump. Which is probably something someone at 13 ish weeks wouldn't be offended by. It also turns out that the Mr. was grilled by his family as he went to his grandmother's funeral. They asked blatantly about whether I was pregnant.

So, yeah, I am, and yes, if you can look past the 10 lbs I already gained that is a GUT and not baby, one should not be offended by innocent speculation. Except, the whole, they have accused us of being pregnant when we weren't, or were, or all of a sudden weren't (as in lost the baby a week before). So saying you KNEW I was pregnant amounts to hogwash. My reaction was just a pent up frustration over dealing with being pregnant and not pregnant for so long and the grudge I seemingly carry over said years. RPL emotional whiplash, if you will.

More soon. I swear. This winter sucked in unimaginable ways. The whole thaw and freeze cycle of this last week was especially cruel. We were spared the snow. Which was the only saving grace. 

Spring is long overdue.


  1. I don't see how their reaction was bad. I would think they would be hurt to find out so late, glad they had a sense of humor about it.

  2. Any reaction other than Congratulations was uncalled for, Misfit, and you can tell them so. You don't have to tell anybody anything and I'm glad the world knows about Elfina. Good tidings to those who are pleased and you can know I'm thumbing my nose at anyone that says anything else. Peace and love to you, E, Elfina, and your family!

  3. Oh man. Unlike Anon, I get why their reaction sucked. I would be totally infuriated by that reaction, and by the way they tried to force it out of your husband, and by the thought of them ogling your body and speculating about your life. Yeah, they have no idea that they are gossiping about something that's a source of deep pain. BUT, I also think that so-called grudge is something you've earned after years of hurtful and oblivious bullshit from your in-laws, to say nothing of the pain of RPL. F* them. I agree that "Congratulations! We're so happy for you!" is pretty much the only thing to say. Grrrr.

    Meanwhile, there's shitloads of tulips popping up all over here. I hope they are in your life, both metaphorically and literally.

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  5. Your baby, your story.

    Rock it Elfina. Im so happy to hear the great news.