Monday, May 19, 2014

Whirly Girly Go

Starting at the end and then going to the beginning. All Misfits accounted for and healthy. Just letting you know before I stress you out with all this stress.

We put an offer on a house. House has septic. (It seems that you can expect some really RURAL amenities in this fair city.) Septic failed. Loan appraisal came in lower than asking price. Sellers are in a jam. No idea if our deal will fall through. We have a uncomfortable thousand dollars sitting in limbo as we wait to see what happens. We aren't likely to throw down lots of cash to make up the difference between the appraisal and the sales price. It looks a bit gloomy.

We put an offer on a house. It's perfect with a great size and location. The downside is the actual location being on a busy 4 lane street. It is cheap. It is in excellent condition and it has A (emming effing) C. At 27 weeks, I am not going to enjoy summer in our rental living from window unit to window unit. Said house has a pool. Not a bonus, but not a minus, either. When I'm not freaking about drowned children (said pool has fence) and my skin cancer, I dream of an evening solitary, weightless floating swim. Wow.

I'm 27 weeks. Viable. Officially. I have my next growth scan tomorrow to make sure Elfina is on track. I also do the glucose challenge. Yay. My head is full of so much stressful fluff that it has been so far back in my mind. Still worried. Just more worried about other crap.

E. She had a totally non-symptomatic ear infection two weeks back. The doctor had dismissed all of my symptoms and had proceeded to get that "I'm going to tell you are worrying for nothing" face and after a perfect eardrum, said, "don't be alarmed when this eardrum bursts." No fever. No pulling. No obvious symptoms. Just cranky toddlerhood. She was prescribed amoxicillin and everything seemed great.

Day 10 of antibiotics, she woke up with what I thought was mosquito bites. By 8, she had a hivey looking rash on her hips. I brought her to ped. Ped said she was having a drug (aka not allergic) reaction. Said it would get worse. Said nothing to do for it.

Day 2 of rash. E looks like she's been beat up with welts and wheals on about 40% of her body. She's running a fever. Another $15 co-pay says ery.thema multifo.rme. She's told to take motrin and tylenol and benadryl for itching. She's NOT itching, so I don't give her benadryl. By that afternoon, she was refusing to walk with swollen ankles. I called ped again and they said she wasn't swelling, but that the hives were stretching her skin. I think I know what swelling looks like, but the combo of ibu and tylenol seemed to solve the immediate problem.

Day 3 of rash. 70% of her body now covered in welts, wheals, bruised looking things and hands and feet firmly swollen (and darkly purple). Call doc again. Wake E from a nap and we are prescribed Benadryl and Prednisone immediately. Doc puts the amox on her allergy list for safe measure. The steriod makes E vomit and her fever spikes to 102. I call the night nurse. She gives me tricks. We get 1/2 of a dose in her before night falls. We are facing the ER by morning if she's not improved. Some fighting between the Mr. and myself ensues. Mr. has been at a conference. Arriving home just in time to critique care. Not like a concerned mama has taken the baby to the doctor every fucking day for half a week. Ahem. Bygones.

Day 4-5 of outbreak. E is clear. No rash, no redness, and no bruise looking spots. Whew. Taking a breath.


  1. Poor thing! I hope you get some down time for yourself (pool or not) after all that, and that house-hunting quickly resolves in an air-conditioned tidy bundle. 27 wonderfully amazing. Fingers crossed for no GD and perfectly reassuring growth!

  2. Poor E!! i would have not been as cool with the swelling, you did great! And that was swelling. You managed so well on your own and being 27 weeks (wohoo for Elfina!) and house-hunting. Seriously. Kudos.

  3. Oy, that is some drama. Glad she's doing better.

    And 27 weeks?! yahoo!!

  4. Thank you for leading with the All Misfits Are Well. Oh poor E! Her TOE! Her ANKLE! (Also, her feet are so clean! Her toenails are so well trimmed!)

    I really want this perfect house to work out. I really want you to bring your sweet new baby to a new HOME, and to hear about all the things you're doing to make the house even more amazing! I still remember hearing about your old house projects...

  5. What a crazy week of stress and fear and discomfort! Poor little peanut. And mama! That just sounds like a shitload of stress you didn't need right now, in addition to the house hunting, know, growing a human.
    What I love most about this story is how awesome you were at advocating for your girl, and how you trusted yourself to keep at the medical professionals until you got proper help for your daughter. What an amazing start in life E is getting. What a lucky, lucky little girl.